Lifeguard I - Newton YMCA

  • Responsible for maintaining all lifeguard skills as required in lifeguard certification.
  • Responsible for actively scanning and maintaining appropriate positioning in pool area at all times.
  • Responsible for immediately and properly responding to medical emergencies when they arise.
  • Responsible for effective supervision of participants to maintain safety standards.
  • Following and enforcing all YMCA policies, rules, regulations and procedures, including emergency and safety procedures.
  • Positively correcting any unsafe pool activity immediately every time it occurs.
  • Responsible for being knowledgeable and prepared to implement emergency procedures immediately.
  • Reporting all incidents/accidents on the appropriate form and providing to supervisor within 24 hours of event.
  • Responsible for never leaving the pool unattended.
  • Following all opening, closing and shift procedures, including locking all doors leading to the pool area after swimming hours. Ensuring all equipment is off the pool deck and appropriately stored.
  • Reporting any facility or equipment irregularities to supervisor in writing.
  • Responsible for cleanliness of deck. Performing cleaning duties as assigned.
  • Maintaining records as required (i. e. chemical readings, daily attendance logs).
  • Attending all required training sessions and scheduled meetings.
  • Responsible for scheduled hours; securing substitutes when necessary. Notifying supervisor in in advance, and in writing.
  • Maintaining effective, positive relationships with the members, participants and staff.
  • Supporting Strong Community Campaign fundraising.
  • All other duties as assigned.
  • EFFECT ON END RESULT:Compliance with Lifeguard I. job responsibilities will ensure a safe and enjoyable aquatic environment.


    Education/Experience Requirements:

  • Minimum age of 16
  • Physical/Mental Requirements:

  • Must be able to frequently perform the following physical activities; swim, bend, stoop, kneel, twist, reach with hands, sit, stand for extended periods of time, walk, lift and carry up to 50 pounds, and communicate verbally
  • Must be able to perform work both indoors and out and be exposed to prevalent weather conditions
  • Must maintain lifeguard certification level of physical and mental readiness
  • Must be able to visually see all sections of an assigned zone or area of responsibility
  • Must be able to adequately hear noises and distinguish distress signals
  • Must possess ability to remain alert and maintain concentration for long periods of time to ensure safety of participants
  • Must possess ability to make independent and sound decisions in a rapidly changing environment
  • Must be able to show initiative in the absence of supervision
  • Must be able to relate to and work with diverse groups of people in a friendly and consistent manner
  • Must be able to handle questions/concerns and resolve conflicts in a courteous and professional manner
  • Must maintain a neat and professional appearance
  • Job Requirements:

  • Commitment to the YMCA mission, vision and values
  • Must attend New Employee Orientation within 30 days of hire
  • Complete BLS/AED, First Aid, O2, Lifeguard Certification in accordance with Conditions of Employment
  • Understand and abide-by all policies and procedures as set forth by the association
  • Work a schedule that reflects the needs of the branch

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